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References and testimonials from a few of our many satisfied and loyal clients.

We can certainly attest to the wonderful care given by the staff of Precious Paws. When we leave home we simply tell our “baby” that Precious Paws will be coming later. He has learned that means he will be having play time and a walk with a caring individual. We understand that he always greets them with a waging tail and a smile on his face. He gets to stay in the familiarity of home and not have to spend an extra night in a kennel on a weekend when pick up times are not available on Sunday. Precious Paws has given our diabetic pet shots and taken care of all our worries. We have peace of mind when we leave home and our pets do too! – The Morris Family
You can't find better folks to lovingly care for your pets! Rosemarie helped enormously through the illness of my old cat, and then was a second mom to my little puppy, coming daily for his mid-day walk. He is almost nine and still knows her name and is thrilled to see her. Precious Paws caretakers always leave the most delightful and thorough notes, letting me know exactly what has been happening during their home visits. Somehow they manage to do everything perfectly, following my instructions to the letter. I appreciate that they keep the pets' routines. My pets and my home are always in good hands and I leave town without a bit of concern. Anyone who works for Precious Paws is well trained and can become a special, trusted companion for your pets. – Carol
We have been using Precious Paws for more than three years now. Before we discovered Rosemarie and Precious Paws, I always worried when we had to board George & Gracie; would they be lonely, would they eat well, would someone play with them…They always seemed rather withdrawn when we went to pick them up. That has not happened since they have been staying with Rosemarie/Precious Paws. They come home happy & ready to play. The best thing about boarding them at Precious Paws is that I know they will be treated just like they are when they are at home with us.
– Tom, Teresa, George & Gracie
My miniature schnauzer, Murphy, has been visited by Rosemarie and her team of “angels” since he was six weeks old. I work as an elementary school principal with a very crazy schedule. I can always count on Precious Paws to do a dinner walk when needed! I really love the “puppy reports” they leave for me daily. There are times when we run into one of his walkers in our neighborhood. Murphy is so excited, which lets me know that he is well taken care of while I'm away each day. I don't know what I'd do without Precious Paws! – Sharon

For those times when I simply can not travel and sun myself on the beach in Florida, I call Rosemarie and I treated like a king. Thank you so much for taking such good care of me when I am unable to make a trip with my master. I can't wait for our next get together. Thank you Precious Paws and all the loving family you send to take care of me. – Fluffy
It's a pleasure to return home after being away. My house is spotless and my four cats are happy. There is always a hand-written note describing how each of my cats fared while we were away. It's obvious from the note that our sitter has spent time with each cat. Her note perfectly describes each cat's personality. Precious Paws is the best! – Jerri
The pet sitting service provided by Precious Paws is superb! They are professional, caring individuals that pride themselves on quality in-home care. We couldn't have asked for better care while our Golden was recovering from surgery, and they have been a blessing while raising the newest member of our Golden family. Whether we're on vacation or just getting through the daily grind, the peace of mind they provide is priceless! – Chip
Whenever we get the opportunity to go on vacation, we never worry about our pets while we are gone. Rosemarie provides top-notch service for our pets and treats them as her own. To top it all off, she provides pick up and drop off service. That is really nice when you are scrambling to get out of town, and are weary with unpacking upon returning. I would recommend Precious Paws to anyone who wants their pets to receive TLC while you are away. – Rachel